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        How To – Get SAO Utils to work with your VR device

        SAO Utils Beta 1 does not provide internal support for VR devices (Oculus Rift, DIY Rift and etc.) currently, but if you want to have a try running SAO Utils in VR mode, we can work around the 3rd-party VR driver to get SAO Utils to work with your VR devices.

        This post will show you how to use the open source VR driver Vireio Perception to enable the 3D VR mode for SAO Utils Beta 1.

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        1. Download VR driver

        Download and unzip?Vireio Perception 2.1.6 to somewhere.

        * The latest version of Perception (3.0.0 Alpha 2) has been tested and could not work with SAO Utils on Windows 8.1, 3D mode keeps getting black screen.

        2. Install VR driver

        For?32 bit SAO Utils:

        • Copy Perception\bin\d3d9.dll to SAO Utils\d3d9.dll
        • Copy Perception\bin\hijackdll.dll to SAO Utils\hijackdll.dll
        • Copy Perception\bin\VRboost.dll to SAO Utils\VRboost.dll

        For 64?bit SAO Utils:

        • Copy Perception\bin\d3d9_64.dll and rename as SAO Utils\d3d9.dll
        • Copy Perception\bin\hijackdll64.dll to SAO Utils\hijackdll64.dll
        • Copy Perception\bin\VRboost64.dll to SAO Utils\VRboost64.dll

        3. Setting up VR driver

        Download this configuration sao_utils_beta1_perception_profiles.zip .

        For?32 bit SAO Utils:

        • Unzip win32\profiles.xml and override?Perception\cfg\profiles.xml

        For 64?bit SAO Utils:

        • Unzip win64\profiles.xml and override?Perception\cfg\profiles.xml

        4. Setting up SAO Utils

        Switch to 3D mode through Preference-Appearance Settings-Launcher Mode and switch to Compatible mode through Preference-Graphics Settings-Display Mode.

        5. Running SAO Utils in VR mode

        We’re almost there, please follow these steps in order to run SAO Utils in VR mode:

        1. Run?Perception\bin\Perception.exe.
        2. Find and choose DIY Rift (DIY or other?VR devices) or Oculus Rift (All Variants) in the first drop box.
        3. Start SAO Utils.exe

        Link Start !! Welcome to World Art Online !

        What’s more

        To be honest, we can only do some simple operation on the SAO Utils 3D launcher under VR mode currently, I think that it would be just a technical attempt rather than any other practicability. So please keep staring at the coming browser plug-in, surfing the internet in the virtual world could be just a very near future, I think :)

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